The Intentional

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

UPDATE: Submissions are currently closed.

The Intentional is currently seeking submissions for upcoming themed print issues! While these themes may seem very pointed, we encourage you to interpret them as you will. You can even write a piece that mocks the theme or posits that the theme is rubbish. See if we care.

It is also worth noting that we have yet to determine in which order we'll be publishing these issues. We're accepting submissions for all themes on a rolling basis, and should we choose to work with your piece, we'll let you know as soon as possible about the estimated publish date. 

Please note in the title of your submission if your work might align with one of the chosen themes. For example, your submission title might be "[HUSTLE] Title of Your Piece." The chosen themes are as follows:

- The Hustle

- Oaths, Vows, and Commitments

Print Submissions

The Intentional is a print literary and culture magazine that supports emerging writers and prizes approachability. We consider original fiction, poetry, literary journalism, creative nonfiction and memoir, and the occasional interview or review. The best way to get an idea of what we’re looking stylistically for is to read the magazine, which can be purchased here. Three other things to consider: 

1) We are dedicated to emerging artists, and we've been known to publish writers who have never been published before. We'd rather give space to new voices than chase after big names. When we say that we "support emerging writers," what we mean is that we only work with writers who have not yet published a novel, memoir, collection of essays, or collection of short stories. So please, do not submit if you don't meet this qualification.

2) We’ll consider nearly all manner of previously unpublished submissions. As an independent shop, we like to take risks with the work we publish. That said, we tend to gravitate towards pieces that explore issues such as identity, purpose, success, and quality of life, particularly as these issues relate to twenty-somethings, freelancers, and other people making their own way in the world. 

3) The Intentional does not cover politics, current events, or fashion. We'll leave that to the Internet, and to a handful of print magazines that already do this quite well. We also don't really do "flash" anything.

For journalism and interviews, please submit a pitch with writing samples. For all other submissions, completed work is preferred.

Web Submissions

Web submissions, like print submissions, must come only from emerging writers and must be previously unpublished. As a general rule, web submissions should not exceed 2,000 words. 

Submission Process

We will only accept submissions via our Submittable website. If you wish to submit multiple pieces for consideration, send each one individually. Please also indicate in the title if you would like your print submission to be considered for a specific theme. Bios and cover letters are unnecessary, but not unwelcome.

If you'd like to contribute a small donation of $5 to the magazine, you can submit through the "tip jar submissions" category. All donations received will go towards paying our writers! If not, no sweat -- tip jar submissions and regular submissions are treated exactly the same.

For literary submissions, we don't mind simultaneous submissions in the slightest, but please let us know (and ideally, formally withdraw the piece) if it is selected by another publication. The Intentional will only accept previously unpublished works.

While we will certainly try our best, we are unfortunately unable to respond to all submissions.